Sex vs. Romance

Is romance the socially appropriate response to sexual arousal or is love the result of years together? Scientists, along with human behavior studies, have been seeking the answers to these questions for quite some time now, and believe that finally they may have the answer.

According to Chikabuzz, There are two distinct differences in the areas of the brain associated with sexual arousal and emotional responses typical of being romantically involved, and using brain scans. Scientists were able to decipher the distinctions people make-in their brains-when presented with sexual stimuli and then pictures of their wives and/or girlfriends. (By the way, the studies were done on females as well, we will use the term him for the sake of simplicity.)

Subjects who had very recently entered into new love relationships were hooked up to electro scanners and given a series of questions to answer pertaining to their new loves. Their levels of dopamine soared when answering the questions, and appeared mostly to stimulate the right side of the brain, usually associated with rewards that are not typically in the instant gratification section. This was thought to be because romance and love is not part of instant gratification, as is thought to be sexual encounters, porn, and impulse control associated with the left side of the brain. When the same subjects were shown sexually explicit material or answered explicit questions, the scans on the left side of the brain reacted.

More importantly, the areas of the brain which are thought to act as the relationship matures changed strongly when these same questions were answered by couples who had been involved for several years, leading scientists to believe that as we mature in our relationships, so does our brain activity in response to that relationship. This could also explain why couples who are very much in love also experience a sense of the spark going out of their relationship after a few years. It’s not that they aren’t attracted to each other any longer; it’s that their brain waves have matured. This could give much hope to couples thinking about separating because they don’t know what happened to the romance and sex in their relationship. This breakthrough could save you thousands on couples counseling, and give the hope that as the two of you move through this area of your relationship-and you will move through it, studies also show that this is a growth area for couples, not the end of the partnership- you will come out on the other side even more attracted to each other than before.

During the fifties and the beginning of the sixties, these types of studies where not even thought of, couples stayed together even when it seemed impossible. With the explosion of divorce becoming popular in the seventies and more couples separating in order to find them, the need for these types of brain wave studies became very necessary, and a good thing, too.

If you and your partner are in a rut, it’s not the right move to separate. Stay together and give it some time, there are other things you can do to spice up your relationship and still stay together. Love is still by far the strongest of all of the emotions.

Online Sex Games

Online sex games are becoming an ever popular addition to the online gaming world. These online games range from animated eroge or hentai games, role play simulations or real player games.

They can also come in the form of variation of conventional online games such as card games with a sexual twist. There are multiplayer games or games that can be played with a computer generated character. It can be in a controlled setting with a theme or a very open-ended type game. There is something for everyone as games are made for persons of various sexual orientations, even bisexuals. No matter the type of game, there is fun to be had by adults using online sex games.

Online sex games are available with varied levels of interaction. They can be as as you want or can be require very little input from the player, consisting more of video-type content. Virtual characters can be personalized and selecting what they look like and wear, the types of activities they engage in, what they say or the situations they find themselves in. Online sex games can also involve actual interaction with real persons versus playing against the computer. This can involves typed interaction or actual spoken and visual interaction using microphones and webcams. It is the new way to meet and date persons while attaining the optional, additional benefits. Men can enjoy instantaneous sex if they want and women can take it slower if thats what they wish to do, vice versa.

Some games allow you to access and update your virtual avatar in the online adult game on a continuous basis. Online adult games can be testing grounds for the real world. Although online adult games in no way replace other social mediums persons may use these interactions to build confidence or to compensate for temporary periods of loneliness. Characters in the realm of online gaming can project a stable environment in which gamers can feel safe, satisfied and in control. The realm of online sex games is so varied that there is something to suit every type of individual or need. The number of games and features keeps growing to satisfy the wishes of gamers worldwide.

Playing an online sex game does not indicate that one is sex deprived or a sex freak. Rather, in many cases it is simply used to spice up or complement an active sex life. These games can be used as a facilitator for cybersex among couples in a long distance relationship, for example. It can also be used as a medium through which fantasies that they are too shy to enact in real life can be acted out via the internet. It can be a couple’s activity used to bring the two together in an intimate way. On the other hand, it can also be an anonymous and discreet way for persons to interact sexually with strangers, or new acquaintances. Online sex games are made for adults to enjoy with each other can are very different from childish games. The aim is for the participants to have fun in an adult way, responsible but exciting way.

Is Safe Sex Really Safe?

Gone are the days when people could have multiple partners without the use of a condom, and other safe sex practices.

Safe sex is all about keeping yourself, and your partner, protected from the complications of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease.

Although the concept of safe sex seems easy enough to understand, more and more people — young people in particular — seem to be missing the point, or missing the concept of how to accomplish safe sex. And just how safe and reliable is that condom when it comes right down to it? A condom can’t promise 100% protection from AIDS or from pregnancy.

For males in particular, another problem with practicing safe sex is remembering to take the time to …

(a) have a condom ready
(b) know how to use it properly, and
(c) take the time to put it on.

It’s important to educate young people today in the proper use of condoms so that they understand when and how to use them. There’s no point to having a condom ready if neither partner is going to take time to enforce its use. In a very practical sense, however, although a condom is typically worn by the male partner during heterosexual intercourse (and typically by both partners in a homosexual one), the responsibility for proper condom-IQ is borne by both partners.

Fortunately, there are more and more products appearing on the market to help people to plan for safe sex and to practice this method of responsible intercourse. Since both the birth control pill and the condom aren’t 100% effective, combining the use of both of them together will increase your chances of staying safe.

It’s also vital to be aware of a partner’s sexual history, and to seek “medical clearance” before engaging in a new relationship. This is especially important for those in polygamous relationships (more than one sexual partner at a time), because a “chain” of unsafe sex can start with any partner and spread rapidly through a previously healthy group.

The only way that there are going to be less unwanted pregnancies, and less transmission of STD’s is if all sexually active people – both young and old — are educated in the concepts of safe sex and what it means to them. In particular, in parts of the country where access to information is more challenging (such as some underprivileged areas), it’s vital that communities step forward and provide this education.

Young men, in particular, need to understand the implications and risks of unprotected sex and what it can mean to their lives when they have an unwanted pregnancy or find out that they have a STD. Safe sex starts with education and knowledge, neither of which any young teen can do without.

Fucking Machines

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Feed your fantasies!

There are different forms of entertainment people enjoy. Some gets satisfaction from reading books, some enjoy the boring world of cross-stitching, a lot would go for a shopping extravaganza and some just love to have movie marathons. One can choose from an action, drama, comedy, suspense and even titillating films; anything for a bored person. Have you ever wondered why a lot of people are into porn movies regardless of age and gender?

Every one of us has a different level of curiosity, and has different reactions to it as well. Some may be too much willing to feed that curiosity and some would just leave it unanswered. Of all the forms of entertainment, why porn movies? Human do have some urges and drives that need to be gratified; completely satisfied. Admit it or not watching a comedy film or cross stitching or reading a history or Math book can not in any way gratify one’s sexual urge or feed one’s curiosity.

One can rely on porn magazines for satisfaction but it would be more fun to see the deeds in action. You may get feverish with those seductive and sensual photos you see on magazines but you can feel the real excitement when you see those babes exposing their asses, pressing those bountiful boobs with that tempting look right in front of your screen. Stop imagining, fantasize with one of the sexiest temptress, avail one or more of the latest adult dvds. Worrying about the price? Expensive porn dvds need not a problem. Despair not because there are a lot of cheap porn dvds out in the market; price should not hinder you from achieving the satisfaction you long have been wanting. You can buy porn dvds or you too can have a porn dvd download if you wish.

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Dildo Plays with Varieties

Dildo as a sexual aid has undertaken many changes in terms of its shape, size, color, material and intended use. Gone are the days when dildos are made of wood or leather. Now you can come across dildos made from PVC, silicone or Pyrex glass. You can also choose dildos of different shapes and sizes. There are many websites dealing in various types of dildos from where you can buy your preferred ones.

Dildo as a sex toy vaguely resembles a male sex organ or penis. You can use it for penetration purposes in vagina and anus alike. Each variety of dildos offers you different type of sexual pleasure like realistic ones to double dongs. You’ll also find smallest ones to large foot-long dildos.

It is actually up to you to select and use a specific dildo. Women usually resort to a trial and error technique to find out the approximate restraint that goes well with them. You can divide dildos into various categories like realistic dildos, G-spot dildos, smooth dildos and others. Realistic dildos closely resemble a human penis. These dildos are made up of jelly, rubber or silicone. The size of these dildos can make you astonished, a normal 6 inches to as big as 18 inches. Some of them also have testicles and veins to provide a realistic effect.

G-spot dildos are generally long and smooth shafts with tilted tips. You can also find them thicker with wider middle portions. Their main function is to hit your G-spot and exert pressure. You need to make sure that you’ve liking for G-spot stimulation before using them. Smooth dildos have a very sleek and smooth appearance as slim-line vibrators. These sex toys aren’t used commonly. But as they don’t rub with the skin, they are quite handy for some people.

There are also some strange-looking dildos which you can try without any hesitancy. Double dongs are actually two dildos fixed together at the base. They are meant to be enjoyed by two people simultaneously. Any homo- or heterosexual couples can derive great pleasure from these double dildos.

Lesbian Dating

Lesbian dating is becoming more and more popular in open society. People are now open to the fact that women are in relationships with each other, and men just love it. Females that openly admit that they are gay are often popular with other members of their community, although this was not the case years ago. With lesbian relationships being the basis of most men’s fantasies it is no wonder that society has relaxed more to women being gay than men.
Some women are still against the idea though but they are of the minority. Figures show that there are a lot more supporters to the gay cause than there have ever been before. More women are know opening up to the fact that they think about or have actually had sexual contact with other women and it is a known fact that most women will think about it during their life. We are now in a very open and modern society so it is no wonder that these figures have been made public and are not shocking.
Lesbians showing affection to each other in public would be tolerated, but if a gay (men) couple were to do this they would be harassed. It is still sad to see that because there is more ‘nice’ exposure on the lesbian front men gay couples are still suffering bad media attention although there are some very famous men who have openly admitted being gay.
Today’s world has opened up new doors for lesbian couples (and gays). We live in a world where you can join in a civil partnership (a marriage) with your partner rather than ridiculed and made a fun of. This just goes to show that differences are being accepted and that no one should have to hide who they are, or what they are because they may not be accepted by the public eye. I say who cares what others think, be yourself.